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Christmas 2018 Melts

Christmas 2018 Melts


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Celebrate the Festive Season with our 2018 Christmas Range! Available in five gorgeous festive fragrances, these melts are a larger 8 cavity clamshell and are filled with creamy, colourless natural soy wax in your choice of scent from the Christmas Range: 


Christmas Cedar

There is none more fine, nor wise than than the cedar tree. Cedar improves your focus. But really, who needs any of that when it smells so good?! Add in notes of Elderberry, Fir Needle, Peach and Patchouli and you have a Christmas fragrance you just can't say no to.


Christmas Pudding

Close your eyes and imagine being back home, in your Grandmother's kitchen. Take a breath in, let the smell of sumptuous desserts and fruits fill every part of you. Oranges and almonds, cinnamon and clove. Vanilla, malt and coconut. Hone in on it and feel it. Feel it's warm deliciousness surround your senses. This is the true scent of Christmas.


Gingerbread House

It is chewy, spicy and a little bit sweet. It is the mingling of warm spices you expect at Christmas time. It is the taste you don't enjoy alone. Wafts of vanilla, cinnamon and molasses. The smell of the holidays, of being surrounded by family and friends, and the smell of tradition.


Holly Berry

Infused with mystery and magic, let this fragrance transport you to the bottom of the garden where the fairies live. Beautiful yet precious, reserved for only the most special day of the year. Smells of roses mixed with pine and woody undertones.


Mistletoe & Ivy

Will YOU be kissed under the mistletoe? Step on it, smell the delights of the Siberian for, mistletoe and cedar leaf. Whifts of frosted musk and sensuous sandalwood surround you, it might just be your lucky night!


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